How to earn as a travel blogger?

The first point people need to know is that it won’t happen overnight, but it can happen if you work hard for it. Blogs that make money have frequently built up quality content over a year before they started making money, sometimes 6 months if they are being extra hard. Another factor now is that in general travel blogging makes way less capital than fashion or beauty bloggers, so if you wish to make money blogging but don’t care or know about what type of blogging, maybe you should choose another thing you love.

A few points need to be considered for succeeding blog:

1) Engage readers who look to you

You knew that I love talking on my blog the way I usually do: the attempt to be funny generally gets the most reads. I don’t consider myself an excellent writer, so just try to write like I’m speaking to a friend. You have to discover what works best for you.

2) A niche, brand, and unique blog name

Know “something” correctly. For me, that is a world tour of India. If you are a fresher to blogging, you can choose a course to have a little shortcut and basic knowledge.

3) Social media followers 

You can’t avoid social media as a blogger. People have written hundreds of blogs/posts on this, so I’m not getting into it. But just google about it.

4) Exclusive, entertaining content uploaded at a routine schedule

I started out posting 5x a week, later took it down to 4x but hope I was only posting 3x per week. I just have soo much content that piles up.

5) A site that is simple to view. 

I felt this is more necessary than people wish to think. A simple-looking site makes people require to stay on it. A messy or hard website will have people clicking away.

7) A media kit 

To show off how great your blog is.

Okay now let’s learn how to earn as a travel blogger.

  1. Press trips & Sponsored Content 

Have you ever wondered why people still buy guidebooks? Because they are in search of an independent opinion. Remember that when you involve yourself in a sponsorship, you’re most likely to hit the limit of readers. 

Often, press trips take 15-20 bloggers at once, you don’t pay and you get your airfare, accommodation, and food (well everything) included in exchange for the coverage of a trip on your blog. You have the privilege to write anything you want to. But, if you are leading on a trip within your niche and have a trustworthy readership, you should be paid a favorable figure and consider how to personalize the whole trip for your readers.

  1. Be Different 

Whatever you are thinking to write about, try to show that topic in a manner that hasn’t been made before.

  • If everybody is sharing a sponsored content, you don’t do that.

  • If everybody is writing textbooks, making videos.

  • If anybody is serious, then you try to be funny.

  • If anyone has complicated designs, go for the simple yet attractive.

  • If everybody is making one-off blog posts, narrate a story through a series of posts that holds people from coming back for more.

  • Always innovate to do something extraordinary and exclusive.

One factor we do here that represents us different is that we focus on a level of details in our posts that no one else does. We make our posts the ultimate guides of destinations. We also add photos, maps, and charts which we can. We do add video, contact information. Because we want you to join us over and over again because our resources are the best.

  1. Focus on your niche 

Earlier it was easy to blog and present yourself as a travel blogger also it was simple to manage the general budget of travel websites. You could deal with a vast range of travel topics and face some competition. There was merely a handful of bloggers. Now, there are soo many long-established blogs and websites to accomplish that.

I suggest being as precise and concentrated on your topics as possible. 

  1.  Create Products

Businesses are meant to sell something and so should you. Whether it’s a book, cosmetic products, t-shirts, tours, or any other people’s products via affiliate marketing, 

Offering products for sale gives you to be independent of sponsorships and brand deals and not to compete with other travel bloggers for spots on press trips. It supports you to escalate your website and your revenue.

There are very less travel bloggers that offer products. Mostly, travel bloggers end up making capital by creating sponsored content and having paid to go on a trip. That’s absolutely cool if that is something you wish to do, but that is time-consuming and demands you to be regularly working. You hardly have time to lay down or do something for yourself.

Products allow you to generate something once and gain revenue while relaxing, sightseeing, or getting a suntan on a beach! They provide you ownership of your earning and a chance for your readers to purchase something from you and return!

  1. Networking with travel bloggers

Networking much with travel bloggers can benefit you become better recognized in the industry, but by contacting outside of the industry, you can be known as the travel person everyone else desires to quotes, advice, and interviews.

And that is going to bring in more dividends than just sticking to travel associations. Yes, do attend industry events (you’d be stupid enough to not do!) but don’t only attend industry events.

  1. Stop talking about yourself

Running a blog means you are going to add “I” a lot more than in magazines or journals, hence it doesn’t mean you should address only about yourself. If your blog is entirely a journal or trip down the memory lane, write about everything you want. But if you’re considering running a professional blog that initiates a sustainable income, learn that it’s not all about you.

It is and should always be about the people your audience reading on your website.

Whether that is done by providing a piece of practical advice, making them laugh, or telling them a good story, always remember that it’s all about how you can provide service to them.

  1. Be Persistent

A room is never built in a day therefore remember your article won’t build itself in a day or overnight. Expect realistic expectations about your blog. Don’t predict anything but work hard in the initial years. Don’t rush. Build something great that will last. Also, remember that light is always at the end of the tunnel, but many people give up right before the finish line.